Final project files

Dear Students,

I have liked the three projects presented Today. However, I had hoped for a more formal style of presentations. For the final presentations on 2.07 please try to prepare them as follows:

- have some slides (for 15 minutes, typically 8-13 depending on how fast you speak)
- try to tell us:
- what is the project about
- how did you approach it (make a figure or diagram of the model)
- a more formal description
- how did it work - have some numbers
- what did you learn
- if were continuing work, what would you do

Along with the slides, please make a more formal report (you can of course copy from the slides). I would say about 1.5-2p a4 is right, please do not be afraid to be very concise. It should expand on the structure above (the idea is that in the presentation you will say what you write in the report).

Please upload your materials using this assignment.